Exclusive Consulting Packages

Success in agribusiness is the result of an integrated approach, which requires constant analysis and improvement of applied technologies and techniques. Based on the needs of agribusinesses, BRIDGES program develops a customized consulting service package to our clients. Annual consulting packages are developed by BRIDGES program coordinators together with our American experts. This service is provided at the farm in close cooperation and participation of the client-company employees. As a result, the benefit to the client-company is not limited to greater profits and improved technology. The client also receives a better trained staff and written recommendations that serve as instructions for the farm employees and used for training of newly hired personnel.

For example, we offer annual programs to increase the production efficiency of beef and dairy herds through improved feed rations, pasture quality, veterinary care, and many other components of the business. We have also developed programs to improve productivity of soybeans, corn, wheat and other staple and horticultural crops.