Globally, agriculture is one of the most profitable and promising sectors for investment. This is especially true in Ukraine. Both foreign and domestic investors are encouraged by abundant fertile black soil in the country, a stable growth of consumption of agricultural products in the world, and a rapid development of large agricultural companies due to high profitability of the sector.

BRIDGES is successfully cooperating with international companies, organizations and investment funds that seek to invest in the agricultural sector of Ukraine or expand their presence in this market. We also work with private companies, NGOs and donors that wish to investigate the current business environment or the investment potential of a particular product or sector of agricultural production, processing, or infrastructure.

Market Studies

BRIDGES specializes in customized market studies and assessments of various products and sectors of the economy, as well as niche marketing research. This includes both agricultural and non-agriculture related products and sectors. Studies are available on request and are confidential.

The working group includes both American and Ukrainian experts. All experts are alumni of the US Universities with Ph.D. degrees. All studies are completed in English and translated into Ukrainian/Russian languages.

In this area, BRIDGES successfully works with private companies, non-governmental organizations, and international donors. Among our customers for market studies are organizations and companies from the US, EU, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Middle East.

Expansion of Markets / Entering New Markets

BRIDGES offers a wide range of services for companies that are interested in expanding markets for their products, as well as non-governmental organizations and foundations implementing projects to develop and facilitate production and marketing of agricultural products. Recently completed successful projects include assistance with the entrance of US companies to Ukraine, Georgian producers to the markets of Ukraine and Belarus, promotion of Ukrainian beef processors and their products at the foreign markets, and others.