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Healthy soil is essential for successful production of all agricultural crops on both small and large farms. Please contact us if your company is interested in maintaining or improving soil fertility or the most efficient use of fertilizers and chemicals to achieve higher yields in the short and long run. BRIDGES offers services on sampling and testing soil in the US laboratory within the Ag Progress Project.

In 2011, we have interviewed a number of American farmers and agronomists regarding the best soil testing laboratory. Criteria we used included possibility to make adjustments in soil testing for other countries, participation in the agronomy research, precision of soil test results and recommendations, capacity, turnover time, etc. The laboratory that received the highest scores became part of the BRIDGES Program.


laboratory Our laboratory has successfully been operating in the US for more than 40 years and is a leader of the American market. The capacity of the laboratory ensures quick and high-quality testing of more than 100,000 soil samples per year. In the high season, the laboratory tests about 2,000 samples per day.
zametki zapiski ruchka1 For the convenience of the Ukrainian clients, all test results and recommendation on fertilizer application are provided in two languages: English and Ukrainian. Soil test results and fertilizer application recommendations are returned within 10 business days after the soil is received in Ukrainian office.

For more information about the lab and soil testing project please see the .

The photographs of the lab are available .

To optimize fertilizer expenses of agricultural enterprises and improve soil fertility BRIDGES offers the following:

  • Field mapping
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil testing in the laboratory in the US
  • Provision of soil test results and fertilizer application recommendations for various crops and yield goals in English and Ukrainian language
  • Development of maps showing distribution of main elements on the field

For those companies interested in upgrading the agronomy knowledge of their top managers and agronomists, BRIDGES offers agronomy support, provided by the leading American agronomists who are not related to companies selling equipment, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, etc.

We provide year-round high quality results and the American standard of service.