Technology transfer and study programs


Today your company can take an advantage of years of experience of American farmers, the latest developments of US research centers and laboratories, the knowledge and experience of American experts in agronomy, veterinary medicine, animal feed ration formulation, as well as efficient production and processing technologies of agricultural crops, storage, logistics, management, stock exchange trading, agricultural insurance and farm credit! Click to go to photo reports.

During tailored consulting study program American farms, agribusinesses, and research institutions corresponding to the profile and interests of your business will open their doors for you.

Have you already participated in consulting practical study programs abroad? Below are just a few advantages of participation within our program:

  • Unbiased: BRIDGES program coordinators in the U.S. do not depend on companies selling seeds, pesticides, genetic material or agricultural machinery. That is why each day of your study program is designed to provide participants with the whole range of information from many independent sources and allow participants to make their own decisions and conclusions in terms of feasibility of implementing various technologies or approaches.
  • Specialized: each study itinerary is highly customized and developed by American experts from relevant agribusiness sectors based on market studies and assessment of problems and possible solutions, which take into account professional requests of participants.
  • Small groups: the number of people in the group during the study program is limited to ensure high quality and targeted presentation of information; this approach also enables all members of the group to ask questions and provides sufficient time for discussion with American specialists.
  • Seasonality: all business trainings and visits are planned taking into account the seasonality of agricultural production and some minor differences between American and European seasons.
  • Further cooperation: participation in one of our study programs offers your company a unique opportunity to further cooperate with American experts through various consulting packages offered by BRIDGES. Its purpose is to increase the profitability of your business through improved agricultural technologies and approaches.


Since 2008, hundreds of farmers and representatives of agribusiness companies from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Germany have participated in BRIDGES program. Over 80% of all our consulting program participants return!