Increasing competition stimulates growers and producers to search for new markets and clients. A dialogue among the major market players: supermarkets, wholesalers, associations, growers, processors and financial institutions is a complex process that should result into new partnerships, and, consequently, increase in revenues, profits and employment.

BRIDGES organizes various events aiming to establish new partnerships between growers and potential buyers of agricultural products and representatives of agribusiness infrastructure and supply chain that include the following:

  • Trade forums;
  • B-to-B meetings;
  • Trade missions;
  • Investment forums;
  • International conferences;

These events establish a platform for direct negotiations and networking among farmers and wholesalers, supermarkets, processors, financial institutions and others. Producers of agricultural commodities receive a unique opportunity to present their products, future production potential and capacity to lock in better prices, sign new contracts and agree on additional supplies with supermarkets, processors and wholesalers as well as obtain additional financing for business expansion and development.

BRIDGES successfully works with international companies and assists producers of agricultural commodities to enter new international markets and increase sales at the domestic market. In addition, during these events our leading experts present data on most recent trends and analytics, new opportunities for growth and help with identification of the most demanded products.

By organizing investment forums, BRIDGES provides a platform for the direct negotiation process among representatives of potential investors, buyers and local companies. Through exclusive private support of your organization, farm or a company, BRIDGES helps to identify and evaluate various market sectors and specific products in terms of return to investment, growth potential and find new potential clients and buyers.

If you are interested to learn more about how your organization or company can work with us to promote various products and services at new markets, please contact us.