summit on biofuels Research and Business opportunities in ukraine
December, 2007
The event brought together 125 participants from 12 countries: Ukraine, United States, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, China, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. Research and International Development component was represented by Penn State University, Kansas State University, Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs (CNFA Inc.), the US Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF), Blue Ribbon Center of the United Nations (UN), Kyiv National Agrarian University, Zhitomyr State Agrarian University, Vinnitsa State Agrarian University, Lviv State Agrarian University, Tavria State Agro-Technological University (Melitopol), and many other Ukrainian Universities, research stations and institutions. Business component was represented by Monsanto Ukraine, Cargill, CASE-Ukraine, TAS Insurance Group, LLC "Biokom", LLC "UkrBudMash" and a number of other companies.

The government was represented by participants from the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, the Ministry of Transportation.

Farmers and other agricultural producers were represented by attendees from the Ukrainian National Farmers and Land-owners Association and Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.
Organizers and Sponsors

The summit was organized by BRIDGES / CNFA Ukraine office and Penn State University (USA) and sponsored by the Woskobs New Century Fund.

Summit program, topics covered and issues discussed

The summit included two days of presentations (December 9-10) and a field trip on December 11 to a biofuel equipment manufacturing plant "UkrBudMush" in Poltava. The second day incorporated two panels: business and research panel.

On December 9 the conference was opened by the organizers, Lina Dotsenko, Ph. D. and Vlad Konovalchuk, Ph. D., Penn State University. Opening session was then leaded by all three generations of the Woskob family (Laryssa, George and Helen Woskobs) The summit acovered government policy issues, regional perspectives and overview of the biofuel industry in the Ukraine, US and EU, academic overview, legal issues and market development.

On December 10 scientific panel consisted of three sessions: environmental and economic issues session, cropping systems and processing and use session. Among traditional biofuel processing technologies, second generation (cellulosic) ethanol and alternative feedstocks - such as perennial grasses and lotus - gained particular attention.

The business panel mostly focused on current equipment and technologies, feedstock challenges, price competitiveness of biofuels, fuel crop insurance practices and impact on farming sector and environment. Upon completion of the second day attendees were invited to the cultural tour of the city.

On December 11, 21 guests participated in a field trip to the biofuel equipment manufacturer in Poltava.
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