BRIDGES Orchard Forum

On August 6-7, 2021, BRIDGES in cooperation with U-FOOD and with the support of PennState University, USA, held BRIDGES Orchard Forum in Lviv, which gethered up to 100 participants in the horticultural business. Read more


BRIDGES Agronomy Forum 2021

On February 26, 2021, BRIDGES held the Second Agronomy Forum at the President Hotel in Kyiv. The participants, who did not manage to visit the event, had an opportunity to join online. In total, more than 110 representatives of agribusiness took part in BRIDGES Agronomy Forum 2021. Read more


BRIDGES Business Forum 2020

BRIDGES Business Forum 2020 "Risk and Financial Management in Grain Production" was held on October 23 in President Hotel and was broadcasted online. Read more

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BRIDGES Forum "Agronomy trends of corn and soybean production in Ukraine "

First BRIDGES Agronomy Forum took place in Kiev and brought together agricultural producers and experts of the industry from Ukraine, USA, France and Azerbaijan. Read more


BRIDGES Modern Agronomist

The first module of Modern Agronomist program organized by BRIDGES took place in Kyiv on February 19-22, 2020. Issues reviewed during the first modules included soil fertility, nutrition, production risk management and others. The group discussed principles of Integrated Pest Management approach that included lectures, discussions and questions and answers session. Read more


Seminars on Commercial Production of Highbush Blueberries

Highbush blueberry only recently became popular in Ukraine. Increasing demand stimulated establishment of new plantations around Ukraine. However, lack of experience and knowledge resulted in low yields, poor quality of berries and overall poor performance of many growers. Read more

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Seminars on Efficient Production of Cherries and Vegetables.

In cooperation with the Agriculture and Rural Development Support (ARDS) program sponsored by USAID, Agricultural Extension Center Bridges organized a series of seminars on production of vegetables in greenhouses and open ground and cherries for the growers from Kherson, Odessa, Mykolaiv and Zapirizhya oblasts. These regions of the country are known to be main production zones of many fruits and vegetables. Read more


Seminars and Practical Trainings on Modern Feeding Programs for Livestock and Goats.

Many years of our experience and extensive work with dairy and livestock sector demonstrated that improved feeding rations are critical for better milk yields, farm profitability and, in turn, farm employment and rural development. Read more

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Summit on Biofuels Research and Business opportunities in Ukraine

The summit was organized by BRIDGES / CNFA Ukraine office and Penn State University (USA) and sponsored by the Woskobs New Century Fund. Read more