September 9 – 18, 2020
Webinar "Establishing National Pesticide MRLs"
Purpose of webinar: To better understand the process of establishing MRLs, and good regulatory practices and standards that are both compliant with the WTO and CODEX guidelines.

Format and timing of the event: Webinar and follow up Q & A session, up to 3 hours total timing
Moderator/Speaker: Janie Dubois, International Food Safety Training Laboratory, USA

Interviewed speakers: Mr. Luis Suguiyama, Pesticide Regulatory Consultant (EPA and USDA-retired), Dr. Jason Sandahl, USDA
Participants to be invited: management and employees of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture – (MEDTA), Ministry of Healthcare, representatives of the Medved's Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology

Total number of people expected: 50 + people

The registered participants can access the webinar at the following link:
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Part 1
(around 40 min)
Part 1
(around 40 min)
Luis Suguiyama
  • Review of process to establish MRLs in the United States (risk analysis):
- Pesticide registration process
- Data requirements (chemistry, toxicology, environmental, sufficiency, modern methods for toxicology)

  • Establishing MRLs, including crop grouping
  • Access regulatory documents
Part 2
(around 40 min)
Part 2
(around 40 min)
Jason Sandahl
  • MRLs and trade:
- The role of Codex and the responsibilities of its member states to provide data for MRLs
- Case review of situation where MRL differs from Codex
Janie Dubois
  • Overview of monitoring and enforcement testing
  • Testing for enforcement:
- screening for chemical classes,
- confirmation testing,
- method validation, method extension and managing uncertainty
Part 3
(about 1 hour)
to be conducted within a week after the workshop

Part 3
(about 1 hour)
to be conducted within a week after the workshop

Mr. Suguiyama
Dr. Sandahl
Dr. Dubois
Moderated by BRIDGES
Questions & Answers session