July 2, 2021
On July 2, 2021, BRIDGES together with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA/FAS) held a webinar on the American experience of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS office.

The webinar gathered about 40 participants - representatives of Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP), representatives of Codex in Ukraine.
Kenneth Lowery, Senior International Issues Analyst, U.S. Codex , Office of the Under Secretary, Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, USA, and the participants discussed the following topics:

Why it is important to follow the CODEX

Bring up the importance of meeting the obligations that Ukraine government took when joined WTO

CODEX role in the US

Overview of the role of CODEX office in the US, its functions, responsibilities and authority

Funding of CODEX activities

How CODEX structure is funded in US and why it is important to have funding for CODEX within the government system; what opportunities funding provides for CODEX experts incorporated in government system, etc.

CODEX in the structure of the Ukrainian government

Discussion of CODEX in Ukraine: CODEX in the Ukrainian system, who is in charge of CODEX in Ukraine, what is its role, responsibilities, authority. How it is funded in Ukraine.


Why it is useful to follow CODEX MRLs.

What if country would like to develop its own pesticide MRL? Announcement of the future presentation of the MRL manual

Dr. Lina Dotsenko, Director of BRIDGES, announced the future presentation of MRL manual.