Improvement of government and industry associations dialog on implementation of newly passed regulations in the current challenging environment in Ukraine
October 25, 2022
Online round table
15:30 - 17:00
Unprovoked russian aggression in Ukraine urged businesses and government to reorganize their communications: many short term issues faced by businesses were promptly delivered by the industry associations to the relevant government agencies and addressed very quickly. However, in the longer term, a number of changes in the light of harmonizing approaches with EU standards remain uncertain and most producers as well as importers and exporters are not aware of what to expect and how to be prepared. This issue is particularly relevant now, when some laws passed before the beginning of russian attack on Ukraine are becoming affective or will become effective in several months. Implementation of some by-laws might be quite costly and difficult to complete by the producers.

On October 25, BRIDGES conducted an online round table with representatives of the Ukrainian agricultural associations, their current members and potential members, representatives of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, to help them to ensure effective coordination of efforts in addressing the issues related to expected changes in trade policies/tariffs, requirements to production, including requirements to the production process and final product itself.

Speakers: Oleksandr Zhemoida, Ph, D, Director of the Department of Trade Agreements and Export Promotion, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Andrii Pyvovarov, Director of Department of Policy and Legislation, Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine.